Affordable Homes for Plano, Texas
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 Creating homeownership opportunities for low and moderate income families.



Mission of the Plano Housing Corporation

The Plano Housing Corporation, an independent nonprofit organization, works in conjunction with the local governments, lending institutions, businesses, community organizations, and interested citizens to expand the opportunities for low and moderate income residents to own safe, suitable, and affordable homes in Plano and Collin County.



To maintain and enhance the stability of  neighborhoods and preserve their history, culture and architecture, by promoting homeownership and the conservation of existing  homes.



Compassion – PHC has a strong desire to increase home ownership opportunities for  low and moderate income families. 

Collaboration- PHC works jointly with others to accomplish our goals.

Integrity – PHC is honest and accurate in its actions and expectations.

Innovation – PHC consistently seeks new ideas and methods for improving  our processes and achieving our goals.

Transparency – All of PHC’s records, actions and intentions are openly communicated regularly to our donors  assuring accurate business practices.

PLANO HOUSING CORPORATION is a non-profit corporation that receives funds from donations, the City of Plano and other sources to preserve and improve affordable housing in the City of Plano, Texas.
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